CQT Colloquium by Alexia Auffèves, CNRS MajuLab

CQT Colloquium by Alexia Auffèves, Institut Neel - CNRS

This conference took place as part of the Colloquium “Quantum Technologies need a quantum energy initiative”.

Date/Time: 10-Nov, 04:00PM
Venue: Level 3 Seminar Room

About the talk “Quantum technologies need a quantum energy initiative”

Quantum technologies are currently the object of high expectations from governments and private companies, as they hold the promise to shape safer and faster ways to extract, exchange, and treat information. However, despite its major potential impact for industry and society, the question of their energetic footprint has remained in a blind spot of current deployment strategies. In this talk, I will present the motivations, ambitions and methodology for setting up a transverse quantum energy initiative (QEI), connecting quantum thermodynamics, quantum information science, quantum physics, and engineering. Such an initiative is the only path towards energy-efficient, sustainable quantum technologies, and to possibly bring out an energetic quantum advantage.

Speaker: Alexia Auffèves, Institut Neel – CNRS, Majulab and CQT