First Quantum Energy Workshop in Grenoble

The first Quantum Energy Workshop was organized in Grenoble, June 7th 2022, Institut Néel by Pascale Senellart (CNRS C2N) with participants from the UK, France, Sweden and the USA. It encompassed fundamental quantum physics and thermodynamics and quantum technologies engineering. All presentations are available for download here.

The workshop agenda was the following:

Forewords – Alexia Auffèves (Institut Néel, CNRS) – Quantum energetics: From the science of randomness to the Quantum Energy Initiative

Energetics of quantum measurement 9:00-10:15

Theory: Cyril Elouard (ENS Lyon, INRIA) (15’), Léa Bresque (Institut Néel, CNRS) (15’) Kater Murch (Saint Louis) (20’) –

Benjamin Huard (ENS Lyon) – Energetics of quantum gates and a measurement based engine (20’)

Energetic cost of measurements using quantum, coherent, and thermal light

Stochastic thermodynamics of information 10:30-11:00

Irénée Frérot (CNRS Institut Néel, CNRS) (15’), Juliette Monsel (Chalmers) (15’)

Energetics of “full stack” quantum computing 11:00-12:00

Robert Whitney (LPMMC, CNRS) (20’) Optimizing energetic efficiency for full-stack quantum computers

Olivier Ezratty (consultant and author, 20’) Energetic related hardware engineering: state of the art, challenges, trade-offs and roadmaps

Energetics of quantum information 13:30 – 15:00

Janet Anders (Exeter) (20’) Strong coupling thermodynamics — when the system-environment interaction energy competes with the system’s own energetics.

Patrice Camati (Institut Néel, CNRS) (15’) Energetics of interacting quantum systems

Natalia Ares(Oxford)- Mechanics and electrons for information thermodynamics (20’) 

Igor Dotsenko (LKB, Collège de France)- Simplest cavity QED system for deep quantum information analysis of the irreversibility (20’)

Energetics of optical quantum computing 14:45-16:15

Theory: Maria Maffei (Institut Néel, CNRS) (15’)

Experiments : Loïc Lanco (C2N, CNRS & UPSaclay) (20’), Pascale Senellart (C2N, CNRS & UPSaclay)  (20’)