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Here are some broad audiences journals, articles, interviews and presentations from the Quantum Energy Team. It is organized in themes with quantum thermodynamics, quantum energetics, quantum foundations and quantum technologies in general.

Quantum Thermodynamics


This Seminar is a fast journey through the build-up of quantum thermodynamics, an emerging field at the crossroad between quantum information, quantum open systems and stochastic thermodynamics. Born at the time of industrial revolution to optimize the exploitation of thermal resources, the concepts of thermodynamics have been adapted to small systems where thermal fluctuations are predominant. Extending the framework to quantum fluctuations is a great challenge of quantum thermodynamics, that opens exciting research lines e.g. measurement fueled engines or thermodynamics of driven-dissipative systems. On a more applied side, it provides the tools to optimize the energetic consumption of future quantum computers.

  • Alexia Auffèves in the popular talk Quantum energetics: from measurement powered engines to the energetics of quantum technologies on March 13, 2023 at the Institute of Quantum Studies (Chapman University, California)..

Quantum Energetics


  • Alexia Auffèves, Olivier Ezratty et Robert Whitney, Vers des technologies quantiques responsables, Actes du Colloque « Société bas carbone » de la REE, January 2023 (in French).


Quantum Physics



Quantum Foundations



A short story of quantumIt is often said that quantum and classical randomness are of different nature, the former being ontological and the latter epistemological. However, so far the question of “What is quantum in quantum randomness”, i.e. what is the impact of quantization and discreteness on the nature of randomness, remains to be answered. In this talk I will first make explicit the differences between quantum and classical randomness within a recently proposed ontology for quantum mechanics based on contextual objectivity. In this view, quantum randomness is the result of contextuality and quantization. I will show that this approach strongly impacts the purposes of quantum theory as well as its areas of application. In particular, it challenges current programs inspired by classical reductionism, aiming at the emergence of the classical world from a large number of quantum systems. In a second part, I will analyze quantum physics and thermodynamics as theories of randomness, unveiling their mutual influences. I will finally consider new technological applications of quantum randomness opened in the emerging field of quantum thermodynamics.

Quantum Technologies


  • Alexia Auffèves interview with Olivier Ezratty, by Vincent Bresson, in Une révolution quantique, published in “Chut!” in juin 2021 (in French).